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Film Inspiration: Eve’s Bayou

Eve's Bayou_

I’ve traveled through many states in the South in my youth, so when  it comes to vacation, there aren’t any places that I can think of that I would choose to visit.

However, there is one sure state that I would love to visit and perhaps live someday: Louisiana.

Watching the HBO series,  True Blood has only intensified my romanticism of the Louisiana culture and increased my desire to visit the state.  Yes, even if it is a show about brutal, blood sucking vampires.

But, the movie that started the fascination with Louisiana culture and cultivated a wish to retire to a swamp is Eve’s Bayou.   It’s a cult film that stars Samuel L Jackson, Lynn Whitfield, and a young  Jurnee Smollett.   Here is the synopsis of the movie as given by IMDB:

The story is set in 1962 Louisiana. The big Batiste family is headed by charming doctor Louis. Though he is married to beautiful Roz, he has a weakness for attractive women patients. One day Louis is flirting with married and sexy Metty Mereaux, not knowing that he is observed by his youngest idealistic daughter Eve, who is there by accident. Eve can not forget the incident which is traumatic for her naivete and shares a secret with older sister Cisely. Lies start to roll.

The movie is moving, thought-provoking and stirring.  I highly suggest running out and renting it at Blockbuster or Netflix it if you haven’t seen it already.

However, the fashion and style of the movie is also what always captivated me.  The costume designer is  Karyn Wagner, who has also served as costume designer for “The Notebook” and episodes of “Friday Night lights”.  For Eve’s Bayou, I’d say she did a great job of capturing the style of an affluent family in rural Louisiana in the early 60’s.

Now, whenever I watch Eve’s Bayou,  I’m always inspired to put on my Sunday best instead of throwing on a typical pair of jeans, T-shirt and flip flops.  Instead, I feel like I want to put on a pair of pearls, a nice floppy hat and a pair of white gloves.  Okay, maybe not the white gloves.

Eve's Bayou 2

Photos from Amazon, IMDB

And you can also see the trailer:


Inspirational Blast from the Past

A few days ago I was going through a backup drive and I found some images from my old computer.  I thought I’d lost these images and I vaguely remember rounding them up from various sources a couple years ago.  They were going to be printed and they were to be added to my “mood board”.  Well, the mood board never happened and the images, until now, have been mostly forgotten.  However, I wanted to share because I think it’s interesting to look back at what inspired me at that time (and just a quick note, please don’t laugh at my faux-Photoshopping skills.  Thx):


These adverts and images are at least a couple of years old or more, but I can still find inspiration from some of them and I remember why I saved them.  I will say this, I must have been in a romantic reverie, because these images come off as incredibly romantic and idyllic in my mind.  Soon, I hope to update this and show what imagery currently inspires me.

Natural Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration.  Whether it’s writing, fashion or photography, imagery or examples are necessary for helping us trudge through    For me, I am always looking for hair inspirations.  Yes, for my hair. When I became natural during my Sophomore year of college, I was happy that I was done with my harsh relaxer and I was determined to embark on a new adventure.  I was going to stop depending on salons and I was going to see what my natural hair texture was really like.  Well, let’s just say that those first few months were a bit awkward.  Here I was, liberated from my relaxer, but now what?  I had no points of reference for being natural and didn’t really understand all of the work that went into maintaining natural hair.  Most of the pictures of celebrities and models (looking at you, Naomi), I saw were of models with stick-straight hair or contrived Afro-wigs that never looked quite real.

In the past four and a half years, I’ve sought out many inspiring images or celebs that portray natural hair.  I have also found blogs like Mane and Chic, Honey Brown Sugar and Afrobella.  I’ve also perused communities like NaturallyCurly.com.  These sites have helped me immensely in feeling uplifted when I decide to wear my hair natural with their tips and stories.

Also, here are some fabulous natural celebs (models and singers) that I’ve found.  This by no means covers all of the fabulous and natural public figures.


Tracee Ellis Ross


Janelle Monae

erykah-baduErykah Badu

wakeema_hollis_01Wakeema Hollis


jordan-richardson Jordan Richardson

amel-larrieux-picture-41 Amel Larrieux

jill-scottJill Scott

Back in business

So I’ve been a bad blogger in the past couple of weeks.   Lack of anything to write about and nothing inspirational to me right now.  I haven’t been shopping or even looking in the past few weeks.  Maybe it’s the Chicago weather that keeps me down.  I briefly went on a rampage trying to find the perfect handbag to carry going into the Spring, but I came up empty.  I had a beautiful Tanner Krolle handbag that was on a serious sale in my online shopping cart that was sold when I finally went to check out.   And yes, somehow, that crushed my little shopping spirit.  I went into withdrawal and I carried my beat up MJ bag that really shouldn’t be allowed to exist anymore.   Then, I was at my parents house and went through my old closet to help my mom throw out things I didn’t want anymore and I found them.


Yes.  My old school Dr. Martens.  I’d had them since I was about 13 or so.  I’d actually had a pair when I was in 2nd grade that were the lace-up high top style boots.    I quickly tired of those and by third grade, they were out.  However, the other Dr. Martens were the 5 Eye Cap Lace to Toe style shoes.  Yellow trip and the thick sole I always felt looked like gristle.   Those shoes got me through Jr. High School, but I only wore them sometimes on weekends.  However, high school is where it counted as these Docs (as I called em) went perfectly with my wool skirt and white monogrammed shirt and tall knee socks.   In college, the shoes were always a fall back and a comfy alternative for walking around on campus.

Over the past couple of weeks as I looked at the scuff marks and the wear and tear, I noticed that first, the shoes held up pretty damn good for all of the trauma I probably put them through.   Then I reminisced about chance meetings with new friends, reconnecting with old friends,  going to the pizza place after school and the joyrides around town.   After sitting there and looking at my Dr. Martens for 15 minutes, I realized that I couldn’t throw them away.   I put them back in the corner of my old closet and threw every other meaningless Express T shirt and NY and Company pair of jeans away.  I can only hope that I find more items Dr. Martens that actually mean something to me.

Polyvore Set–Back to Black

Polyvore is fun. It lets me create what I would wear if I had the means. I signed up awhile ago, but I hadn’t created any sets. I was just playing around and created the set below. I used Ms. Jourdan Dunn for my hair inspiration (yes, hair inspiration) and created an outfit using my favorite color to wear: black. Never over-used in my opinion.

Back to Black by Sharper2002

Getting Yours


A friend recommended this book to me after I told her that I was ready to give myself a mini-life makeover.  I told her that I wasn’t ready for a “self-help” book yet, but she told me that I should check it out and I’d probably think of the book as anything but self-help.  Now, I see why she liked it so much.  Written by former Honey magazine editor-in-chief Amy Dubois Barnett,  this book definitely provides a boost of inspiration.   Honey magazine was probably my favorite magazine as a teenager and I was very sad to see it fold.  I read Teen People for awhile once she took the post there as well.   Once she left Teen People, I wasn’t sure what had become of Ms. Barnett, but to my surprise, she wrote this book.

Her chronicles of her life as she was raised by a single mother who passed away way too soon and her bouts with unhappiness with just about everything in life from her boyfriend to her first job out of college would definitely keep some people straddled down and depressed.   Ms. Barnett however, lifted herself up and moved on and found happiness and she explains how she did it.  The book also provides interviews at the end of each chapter with celebrities and nice quizzes.

The book was a quick read and I won’t say that it changed my life or led me to any “awakening”, but it gave some much needed positive reinforcement.  When you feel like you’re going through a slump like Ms. Barnett and you are giving yourself a pity-party, she reminds you how you can just shake it off and go out there and “get yours”.

My Style Watch

Genevieve Jones.


I can’t say that I am a big fan of everything that she wears, but I will admit that I still find most of her style choices to be interesting. People are always interested as to how she has managed to be labeled a “socialite”, but however she got to where she is, it looks like she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some may call her style boring or typical of the New York social scene, but I do think that she always manages to add some type of twist in her style. Here are some of my favorite looks: