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Trace Magazine: Black Girls Rule


The newest issue of Trace magazine with Arlenis Sosa is out and I immediately went to the Trace website and downloaded the issue.   I’ve given up on finding the issue in Chicago since every local bookstore and newsstand told me that they no longer carry it.  One newsstand owner told me that the publication had been shut down and I was crushed.  Well, I’m glad to see it wasn’t the case, so as far as I’m concerned, a PDF will suffice.

I have always, and will always have a a soft spot for Trace magazine since I appreciate their transcultural theme and their edgy editorials.  While American Vogue and other mainstream fashion magazines feature a woman of color on their magazines sporadically, the Trace Black Girls Rule issue alone reinforces a positive image of women of color in the spotlight.

This Black Girls Rule issue features Sosa, discusses how she went from a being a student in the Dominican Republic to top model after being featured in Italian Vogue’s All Black issue.   Her photos are simply stunning:

Arlenis Sosa 1Arlenis Sosa 2Arlenis Sosa 3Arlenis Sosa 4

There was also a feature on former top model from the 90’s Brandi Quinones, who had a very successful career in the early to mid 90’s.   Supposedly, after becoming a bit too familiar with the party scene amongst the fashion insiders, she faded out of the spotlight.  However,she is set for a comeback and the article gives her side of the story and reintroduces her to a new fashion generation.   Here are some pictures of Quinones during the 90’s:

BRANDI QUINONES 1994bbrandi35ftmzuvAnd here are the pictures from Trace:


Overall, I thought it was a good issue.  And  I’d definitely say the magazine is worth a click to download the PDF.  If you are not familiar with Trace magazine or haven’t heard of it, I’d definitely encourage you to give it a try.  The subject matter and photography is always interesting, edgy and you won’t necessarily find the same people featured in your mainstream mag.  Plus, it’s a free PDF.  And who doesn’t like that these days?

Trace cover photo from Trace website; all other photos from The Fashion Spot.