Check out those threads

If there is one facial feature that I always strive for perfection then it’d be the eyebrows.

I’m a part of the school of thought that believes the appearance and shape of the brows transform the rest of your face and raggedy brows just aren’t a good look.

Plus, I’ve got something of a wonky left brow that leaves estheticians puzzled when I walk in and they spend countless minutes trying to tame the wild brow.   The hair sticks straight up and no amount of coaxing can make the hair conform.

I have friends that pluck their own brows, but I never could quite get the arch I wanted with plucking.  In high school, I’d get my brows overly waxed  into a pencil-thin arch that was so laughingly unrealistic that I cringe when I look back at my pictures.  .

One day, I was reading an article in Vogue magazine about eyebrow threading.  I’d never heard of threading before, but I was desperately trying to find a new, inexpensive avenue for finding the perfect arch.  What further piqued my interest was that the author tried a salon here in Chicago, Dilshad’s Hair Design, and said the cost for a perfect arch would be $5.

Needless to say, I made the trek across town and went to Dilshad’s very soon after.  There was pain and discomfort, but the arch was great.  Two weeks later, my brows were thicker with a great arch.   The total cost for this was $7, with tip.

Now, I’ve been getting my brows threaded for about 5 years and I’ve yet to have a bad threading job as I’ve had with waxing or plucking.  I suppose it’s all a matter of preference, but the threading is a bit more painful than waxing in my opinion, but the results are great.  Threading is able to grab hair at the root so that there are no strays left behind.

Here is a picture of my freshly threaded eyebrows while out on Saturday night:


I guess it’s more like eyebrow, since you don’t get to see most of the other side, but I thought this would be a good example nontheless.  I especially wanted to highlight this particular brow because it’s my “wonky” brow.   It’s not the best job in the world since the arch is usually a bit higher and more defined when I go to my usual lady, but I think they will grow out nicely.

If you haven’t tried threading yet, I’d definitely say give it a go.   It’s cheap, effective, and the results last way longer than that I’ve experienced with waxing or plucking.

Feeling adventurous?  You can try to thread your own eyebrows, too!  See Eily311’s awesome how-to video on threading below:


One response to “Check out those threads

  1. Oh! That looks a little painful – but effective!

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