Viva Vintage: From Rice and Beans Vintage

So I am an admitted novice when it comes to vintage shopping, especially when there are many women that I know can find some great gems.    So, I always feel a bit under qualified when it comes to giving advice and speaking about vintage  clothing and shopping.    This is why I’m happy that Sarah, of Rice and Beans Vintage, has agreed to be a guest blogger and has written a wonderful guest post with some great tips about vintage and shopping.    Check out Sarah’s wonderful words of wisdom on below and also check out some of the items available from her shop:

I love vintage clothing, not because it is trendy, but because it has history, depth, and tells a story.  I’m not particularly partial to any one era or dressing head to toe in vintage but am drawn more to mixing eras and coming up with a completely fresh and interesting look.  The fantastic thing about vintage is that it allows you to have a look all your own.  While not every piece is “one of a kind” you can be confident that your cubical neighbor or best friend won’t be wearing the same thing as you when you purchase vintage and there is a pretty good chance they will want to know where you bought it!

Are you scared of wearing vintage, are you confused about how to start?  I completely understand!  Some of the pieces are not familiar, the cuts, fabric, prints.  I say start slow, don’t go for a full on vintage look unless you are completely confident that you know what look you are going for and have the confidence to pull it off!  Instead why not start by adding one piece of vintage at a time, like a fierce pair of vintage 40’s platform shoes or a vintage Chanel handbag. This is also a chic, easy, and affordable way to update your current wardrobe.
Remember many of today’s designers look to vintage for inspiration so if you love a current runway look or a spread from your favorite magazine, shop vintage to find similar pieces at a fraction of the cost!  Take that current look you love and make it your own, isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Sarah Korsiak Cellier owns where she stocks the proverbial shelves with handpicked vintage & modern designer clothing, shoes, & accessories.  You’ll find vintage pieces from the 1920’s-1980’s and Vintage & current designer pieces from Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Missoni, and many more.

YSLVintage 80’s YSL military coat


Vintage 70’s YSL Moroccan collection suit.

Vintage Fry Boots

Vintage Frye leather Harness Boots

CD Purse

Vintage 60’s Christian Dior black leather handbag


5 responses to “Viva Vintage: From Rice and Beans Vintage

  1. THANK YOU for the tips. I’m scared to admit that I’m scared of vintage! I used to be a BIG vintage thrift shopper, mostly mining late 50s/early 60s looks. I think it all came off a little costume-y. Then, I got into the 90s minimalism thing, and more recently, I went super futuristic with the wardrobe. So now I’m ready to mix up the vintage and the new stuff… I need someone to help me 🙂

  2. This is great. I love vintage for the same reasons you do. It’s so nice to have a piece of history! x

  3. wow gorgeous pieces!!

  4. These are great pieces! I especially like that Morrocan suit. I agree that vintage shopping can be fun, and I have found many treasures with it.

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