Appreciating Alaïa


I was reading Cathyrn Horne’s “On the Runway” blog and she wrote that Azzedine Alaïa, who was going to have 7 models wear his dresses last night’s “Models as a Muse” Costume Institute exhibit and party, pulled his dresses from the show.  He asked the models not to wear the dresses once he saw that his work was not going to be included in the exhibit. Naomi Campbell, a longtime muse and friend of Alaïa’s, boycotted the gala altogether.   I thought it was a real shame, because I feel Alaïa is already underrepresented enough as it is in today’s American fashion magazines and editorials, especially American Vogue.   The man has been a legend in the fashion world for decades, when you think of a designer and their model muses, Alaïa fits the bill.

For instance, this feature, “The Artist and his Model” from Elle January, 2003, showcases Alaïa and his muse, Giselle Bündchen and his S/S couture collection:


And there is his biggest model muse, Naomi Campbell, who also owns a significant amount of Alaïa in her personal collection:


What I love most about Alaïa is that his clothes are made to fit a woman’s body and showcase curves.  The design is simple and unfussy, yet you can see what makes it specia once seen how it fits on the body:


Plus, his footwear is always beautiful and on point:


Images from The Fashion Spot and Browns Fashion


2 responses to “Appreciating Alaïa

  1. Gorgeous clothing, but oh so pricey! The workmanship is breathtaking. I guess his clientele is very insensitive to price…

  2. Such unique shoes!

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