Shopping the Closet

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As I’ve been taking advantage of all of the markdowns in stores lately, I’ve decided that I need to take a step back and reflect.  Do I love it or am I just buying this pair of shoes because they are marked down to drastically and it would be .   Couple this with an imploding closet and you have some trouble keeping tabs on your current inventory.  And with the way things are nowadays, feeding into a self-imposed consumerism frenzy isn’t the way to go.

So I’m determined to only buy a couple more items for Summer–a nice pair of flats and a couple of dresses–and I’m done.   The rest will be from my own beautiful closet.  However, as I’ve glossed over the heap that I can’t make sense of right now, there are a few pointers that I need to keep in mind:

The Tailor:

Yes, I admit it, I am guilty of buying pants items that haven’t fit quite right and I haven’t done a darn thing about it.  Pants that are a bit too long or blazers that could look much better if I did some nipping and tucking.  You can make your clothes look brand new again or you can make a badly fitting item look like it was made just for you once immaculately tailored.

The Shoe Repairman

I have a pair of Corso Como I thought I’d never be able to wear because my calves were too large, yet they have been brought back to life many times by my local shoe repair shop.  He explained how he could either stretch the leather for about a week or he could insert elastic into the boots to make them feel more comfortable.  Mind you, this was a pair of boots I bought in an online sale, and I’ve contemplated selling  them back many a time on Ebay.  However, thanks to a great shoe repairman, these boots are like new and feel like they are made to fit for me.

Taking Care of what You have:

Paying attention to how I do my laundry.  Going to the dry cleaners.  Taking the time out to hand wash items that state they must be hand washed.  Should be easy, right?  Easier said than done.  However, for  the longevity of the clothes I already have, I need to buck up and take care of them.


This, might be the hardest part of all.   However, if I’m going to shop my closet, then I need to make my closet look “shoppable”.  Some people use color-coding and others pair outfits together that they already have.  For me, when the clothes are in a big heap or if they are disorganized, I feel like I don’t have much to choose from.  Being more organized, I can clearly see what I have and pair my outfits together more easily and decisively.

Shopping Smart:

Starting in the Fall especially, I need to have a clear-cut plan on of what I want to buy and stick to it.  A few moderately priced and good-quality items and a few accessories are really all I need.   Classic items that I can build around my basics and build upon.   Buying a shirt made of good quality that might cost twice as much as a shirt whose quality is sub-par will go a lot further and the cost per wear will outlast the cheaper shirt.

With these tips, I hope I will have fun re-discovering what’s in my closet and building new outfits with less purchasing.


2 responses to “Shopping the Closet

  1. Great tips! I’ll have to start thinking more like you! x

  2. love the talking points!

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