Just another day…


Over the weekend, I had the great chance to attend a fashion show for the new Liz Claiborne collection, featuring the designer, Isaac Mizrahi.  Believe me, this was a pretty big deal since the event was held at a Midwestern mall by our local Carson’s.  Usually, they don’t see  much excitement, unless you count the once yearly visits from Santa or the Easter Bunny.   My friend, Negrita Linda, told me about the event, so I decided to round up my mother (who remembers him from Target) and check it out.


When my mother and I got there, we saw a long runway surrounded by white chairs.  I didn’t RSVP, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get any closer than standing along the outside.   My mother and I saw groups of women standing in line  and I asked a nearby assistant what the line was for.  She replied that we could stand in line in hopes of being able to sit down and be a part of the fashion show,  in case the organizers needed to fill seats.  Seeing that I really had nothing to lose, I grabbed my mom’s arm and stood in line.   Well, right before the show, it looked like they definitely needed to fill in some seats and a nice woman escorted us to the 2nd row on the left hand side!  Not bad for people that just walked right in.

On to the show: I believe it started a few minutes late, but once things started to move, it was great.   Isaac came out and talked about the looks and his inspiration.  He also talked about the woman he designs for “35–no matter if you are actually 25, 15 or 50, the look is for a 35 year-old-woman” and he talked about revitalizing the  Liz Claiborne brand.  Then he launched into sending out a set of looks.  Overall, I believe there were about 17-18 total.  He would send out about 6-7 looks, talk for a few minutes and then send out another set.


Before I’d seen any photos of Isaac’s collection for Liz Claiborne, I was not overly excited.  Liz Claiborne never moved me as a brand and I thought the updated looks would probably be cute, but nothing to anticipate.  Well, seeing the show and being able to see the models wear the looks up close has changed my mind.  There were definitely some nice pieces that I could see myself wearing and nothing that would break the bank, either. My personal favorite was the  Belted Bateau-Neck Gingham Dress, which is sold for $189 and the finale dress on the runway.


After the runway show, Isaac stuck around for a few minutes for a question and answer session.  Many women had questions about the clothing and how it would look on them.  One woman asked how she would know if the clothing would be right for her since the models were so thin.  Isaac quipped, “Why don’t you try  it on for yourself and see”.   He was very warm and funny and gave some great advice for women and clothing in general.  We left with a cool goodie bag that included a coupon for the collection, a cute Liz Claiborne journal and a copy of Chicago magazine, who also co-sponsored the event.  I’d say, all in all, it wasn’t a shabby way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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  1. Score! I feel as though I was right there with you!

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