Natural Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration.  Whether it’s writing, fashion or photography, imagery or examples are necessary for helping us trudge through    For me, I am always looking for hair inspirations.  Yes, for my hair. When I became natural during my Sophomore year of college, I was happy that I was done with my harsh relaxer and I was determined to embark on a new adventure.  I was going to stop depending on salons and I was going to see what my natural hair texture was really like.  Well, let’s just say that those first few months were a bit awkward.  Here I was, liberated from my relaxer, but now what?  I had no points of reference for being natural and didn’t really understand all of the work that went into maintaining natural hair.  Most of the pictures of celebrities and models (looking at you, Naomi), I saw were of models with stick-straight hair or contrived Afro-wigs that never looked quite real.

In the past four and a half years, I’ve sought out many inspiring images or celebs that portray natural hair.  I have also found blogs like Mane and Chic, Honey Brown Sugar and Afrobella.  I’ve also perused communities like  These sites have helped me immensely in feeling uplifted when I decide to wear my hair natural with their tips and stories.

Also, here are some fabulous natural celebs (models and singers) that I’ve found.  This by no means covers all of the fabulous and natural public figures.


Tracee Ellis Ross


Janelle Monae

erykah-baduErykah Badu

wakeema_hollis_01Wakeema Hollis


jordan-richardson Jordan Richardson

amel-larrieux-picture-41 Amel Larrieux

jill-scottJill Scott


7 responses to “Natural Inspiration

  1. These are gorgeous portraits of gorgeous women. My mom and sister have both gone back to having natural hair and they look amazing with it. But you’re so right- very few women in the limelight have natural hair.

  2. Great post! And gorgeous ladies to illustrate it!

  3. I’m glad you are a natural woman! Now we have to start eating like them!

  4. Deep In Vogue–Thank you! They are really gorgeous and shine in their own way.

    And yes Jace, we are going to have to start eating like them! 🙂

    Najeema, congrats to your mom and sister! It really can be hard to find a point of reference for natural ladies in the spotlight. I feel they are just as beautiful as the ladies who wear straight hair.

  5. Love Erykah Badu, these women are all so fabulous and excellent hair-spiration!

  6. You don’t think Erykah’s various afro wigs are ‘contrived’?

  7. i love your blog.

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