On the heels on New York Fashion week and writing about it at a time where everyone else is probably writing about the Oscars fashions, I’m going to add my .2 anyway.  I’ll admit that whenever Fashion Week’s roll around, New York isn’t the city that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  I’m more excited for London and Paris collections.  However, one collection that I always look forward to, not matter what, is Rodarte.  This year was no different.    I memorized the date and time for Rodarte and anxiously waited on the first images to appear.  The Mulleavy sisters usually bring it with their whimsical and romantic dresses with lots of light colors, chiffon and frills, but it was a bit different this year.  I saw some comments that the collection strongly resembled Balenciaga Fall 08, but I still think Rodarte took this direction on its own.

This was not the strongest collection from the Mulleavy sisters, however, I did like the direction for Fall 09.  Furturistic and tinges of romanticism.  There were still traces of tulle, chiffon and the designers used texture, but they also incorporated leather leggings, biker jackets and platform boots.  How nice were those boots?

A few more images from the show…



3 responses to “Rodarte

  1. If only I could pull off leather leggings! x

  2. The leather leggings look great, but you gotta have skinny legs:-)

  3. I’d love those leggings, but I agree that you have to have super skinny legs. A girl can dream, though!

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