Spring 2009 List

Although it’s all of 30 crisp degrees outside right now, Spring is still right around the corner.  In Chicago, we really don’t have a natural progression into Spring.  Rather, it just goes from dead cold to seasonably warm in a matter of a few days.  So, I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to be wearing this Spring.  More of the same?  Leggings?  Cardigans and my long trench coat?  Or will I be changing it up a bit and wearing more skirts, dresses and dress slacks?   I’ve promised myself that I’m cutting down big time on shopping–like everyone else in the U.S. right now, and I’m going to begin instituting a uniform.   Here are some things I’ll probably pick up for Spring:


Calvin Klein Satin Skinny Pants--Calvin Klein Website

Not looking at satin pants,necessarily, but I’ll probably be buying pants at this length for Spring–and in black.  I can dress them down with flats or I can always dress them up with a nice heel like this Calvin Klein model.

BDG Long Cardigan--Urban Outfitters.com

BDG Long Cardigan--Urban Outfitters.com

I wore long cardigans throughout Fall and Winter, and I’m definitely carrying them into Spring.  Great for cozying up and getting comfortable on the couch, running errands or even dressing up for a nice dinner with friends,  I just feel like I can’t go wrong.   And even as it gets warm, I’d rather be safe than sorry in case it does get a little cool outside.


And yes, the forever chic white blouse.  I think I seriously underrated the white blouse in my formative years, but I’m just now picking up how much more distinguished and dressy it can make your outfit without you really trying.   Anne Fontaine is the unspoken queen of a white blouse with flair and sophistication.


Ann Demeulemeester Riding Boots--The Fashion Spot

Although I don’t actually ride, I’ve been in love with riding boots for awhile now.   I’ve coveted the above Ann Demeulemeester riding boots for a few years now, but they are not in my  budget, and when I went on a half-hearted search in Chicago, I came up empty.  Instead, I found a pair of  Corso Como boots that have had to suffice.

Other than that?  I’m looking at lots of light cardigans and tees.   Wearing lots of gray and black and occasionally some white.   I usually bust out the color every Spring as a sort of declaration, but I think this Spring, I want to gradually slip into the warmer weather and appreciate wearing the muted tones in warmer seasons.


2 responses to “Spring 2009 List

  1. Hey,
    Love you blog! Thanks for including me in your blog roll, I have linked to you on my blog to.
    Lots of love Christina x

  2. I love the pants!

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