Oh yes, Ms. Hathaway. Hello, I don’t believe I’ve seen you on the cover of a US Vogue yet. However, I have seen 18 of your other acting counterparts for the better part of a decade now. Every now and then I may see a model, but I don’t count on it.

I’ve been reading Vogue magazine for over a decade now and much hasn’t changed between now and then. It’s mainly the reason why I haven’t clamored to buy it in recent years. I saw this article on Jezebel today on why they hoped the rumor that Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld would replace Anna Wintour was true. And I agreed with all of the points. Even if Roitfeld wasn’t the replacement, some new blood at American Vogue would be nice. However, I’m sure it won’t be happening anytime soon.

So I’ll continue looking at other fashion mags, including Elle, which has stepped it up in terms of content and editorials (they are still just as guilty of the celeb-driven covers) and Vogue Paris, when they won me over with the Sofia Coppola issue in 2004.

Perhaps one day, American Vogue will win me back and I’ll re-discover the eagerness from month to month.  Or maybe it was just a growing phase and I’ve moved on to better.


5 responses to “Vogue

  1. I agree. Vogue is supposed to be a high fashion magazine, but they put celebrities on the cover to sell it. So what audience are they really trying to reach? I’ve always been a fan of Elle, not only because I feel I’m closer to its target demo but also because they have some good articles. I wish they put real models on the cover too, though.


    A sign o’ the times?

  2. I hate the cover. Argh. US Vogue will never win me back if they keep putting Hollywood celebs on the cover. Where are the supermodels?! LOL.

    Vogue Paris for life!

  3. Vogue Paris is beautiful.

  4. I agree. I think Carine is doing great job with vogue paris, you can really feel her vibe through the magazine.

  5. AMEN! We need new blood, seriously the USA magazines have been sucking so much lately :/

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