Crazy for tights

The thing that I love about fall/winter the most are the tights/stockings. Nothing signals the start of the cold season to me more than covering up the bare legs. I’m a big fan of Givenchy hoisery, which is pretty durable and they always have some nice patterns. However, I see that Urban Outfitters has some nice tights/leggings (I sometimes wear leggings as tights). I might have to check them out. Here are some cute options:

either-or-tightsThese Either or Tights are pretty adorable.  Yes, they are a knock off of the Chanel Two Tone tights, but a much cheaper option and just as chic.

wallpaper-floral-crochet-tightsI love the delicate look of these Wallpaper Floral Crochet Tights.

pin-stripe-floral-tightsThe more intricate the pattern, the more I like it.


And although these are leggings, I’d wear these with some nice knee length boots or shoe booties.


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