Bejeweled:Tom Binns


This Belfast born jewelry maker has been on my radar for awhile now. Many of his pieces have a uniqueness to them, yet I can always tell when a jewelry piece is by Tom Binns if I spot it in an editorial or on a celebrity.

michelle-obamatb1When Michelle Obama rocked a Tom Binns necklace earlier this year with an Isabel Toledo design, I thought it was a great combination. His designs have an edge to them but at the same time, there is an undeniable elegance. However, some of his designs are not for the girl who doesn’t like to stand out. He can pile on to his designs until only he feels that it is enough. And diamonds are not necessarily his best friend. In a Chicago Tribune article, Binns is quoted as saying, “”I’m sort of undermining the previous notion of what’s fashion and what’s jewelry,” he says. ” ‘A few old pieces of discarded junk and tie it around your neck.’ It’s a very simple equation.”

His pricing can range from about from the about $250 on the low-end to $20,000-30,000 on the high-end, but a typical costume jewelry piece is about $650-$1,200, depending on the materials that he uses.

And since I am living a frugal chic lifestyle these days, but I still covet one of his beautiful designs, I was looking at these simple, but classic earrings on Shopbop (shown below). They were originally $264.00, but marked down to $184.80.



2 responses to “Bejeweled:Tom Binns

  1. I LOVE these!!! I want them so bad!!! ahhh soo cute!

  2. These are just great. I wish I had the piece!

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