Magazines and What Once Was


I remember waiting every month for the latest issue of Honey magazine to come out when I was a teen. Seventeen and YM were okay, but Honey was all the rage, as far as I was concerned. I’d pour over the magazine from the front cover to the very last page. For the most part, I always agreed with the women they put on the front cover and I loved the features. I couldn’t relate to everything, but they were able to provide examples how life would be for a confident, sexy, Black working woman in her 20’s and 30’s. When Honey folded, I was upset and I searched for an equivalent. When Suede came around, I gave them a try, but once I  warmed up to them, they went bust.  And once I finally got used to Vibe Vixen, they also folded.

Now, there are many publications online that you can look such as Clutch magazine and Honey will be coming back in an online capacity, but what about print? I know about Jewel, but if only my local bookstore (and yes, even the small ones) would stock it, then I’d be fine. I suppose you can argue that Essence has stepped up to appeal to women in my age range and even the younger woman in her mid to late teens, but the magazine can only be so edgy.  What I’d personally love to see is a high fashion and lifestyle magazine that ran the gamut with its features and editorials.

With the magazine industry in dire straits right now, what would be possible for a new publication aimed at young women of color.  And I know that some  say that there just isn’t a market for that specific group, but I’d be quick to call BS.  And why aren’t online publications good enough?  They are fine; but I love having something tangible.   Where I can tear out a page and add it to a mood board or journal.  My extreme love for print will never die, but that is another story.

Anyway, I’ll make due with the mainstream fashion and lifestyle magazines that are out now.   Plus, online magazines and blogs are good alternatives as well.  But I can still hope…


One response to “Magazines and What Once Was

  1. I agree with you. Nice article

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