I’ve been a fan of Alexander McQueen since I was a wee teenager.  I poured over magazines and searched for any article I could find about the man.  Every season, his show is one of the first I look forward once images are ready.

I do not have a McQueen piece in my closet, not even his famous skull scarf. I always said that if I bought a Mcqueen piece, it’d be from his RTW line.  But now, I am excited as it has been announced that he is going to be producing a line for Target that will launch in March 2009. Everything is going to be priced under $129.99. I’m hoping that I will like the line he produces since many of the diffusion lines from Target are either hit or miss with me.

Here are just a few of my favorite McQueen creations(there are  more, but I can’t post them all!)

pictures from



2 responses to “McQueen!

  1. That first dress makes my heart swoon!

  2. I love that last one. It also looks a little Balenciaga-ish but the fabric is gorgeous!

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