My Beauty Find


As I am getting older, I’ve been paying attention to details in my lifestyle and beauty regimens and what I need to do to better take care of myself.   This includes one of my biggest peeves: under eye circles.  There really isn’t anything I can do about them since they are genetic.  My father has them and his mother had them.  I think her mother had them them as well.   It’s just something that I’ve (unwillingly) inherited.  Throughout the years, I’ve spent countless dollars trying to find the one under eye cream that would work for them.   Of course, some creams declared that they got rid of the dark circles forever.  Others only promised that they could fade them, but when I tried it, my circles were still there and sometimes even more prominent than before.  Or else, I’d wake up with dry and itchy eyes.

Now I’m at peace with my cream that attempts to reduce the appearance of the dark circles.  It is Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment.  The price is right and the appearance of the circles has been reduced.  I also love how the products are preservative-free and the cream has no scent.  This also means no dry and itchy eyes!


One response to “My Beauty Find

  1. I use this too and absolutely love it! I am also “blessed with permanent circles under my eyes, and this nourishes and keeps them creamy.

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